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Published: 30.01.2020.

Портфолио: Heavy-lift.ru

Loading and unloading of heavy cargo. Installation and dismantling of equipment. Modern methods without a crane.

Mobile adaptation

Mobile menu


A popular way to organize languages in CMS

  1. Find a section in CMS where we want to add a page.
  2. Adding a page in English to it.
    • Maybe adding a gallery or something else.
  3. Go to the same section, which is for German version.
  4. Adding an German page to it.
    • Again adding a gallery with the same images.
  5. Looking for a similar section of Spanish.
    • Again we repeat everything...

And we do all this to add just one page.

That is why, to make it faster and easier, I made

Switch to other languages without creating extra pages

It look like this:

  1. We find a section.
  2. Adding a page.
  3. Fill in the languages that we now whant to fill in at once in one place.
    • Upload gallery or something similar once.

Then on the site

When you switch thenguage, the same page opens

To make it easier to upload photos

Images are loaded as a package

Then you can cpecify captions for all the photos at once.

On large images

Watermarks are placed

Which, if necessary (suddenly, logo will change) can be changed for all images.

Search for projects by parameters

Slider with additional information

I made it manually because I didn't find a suitable plugin.

P.S. Another one of my projects

Mental maps for people, and even whole teams, who put their soul into their projects.

View mind map service IOctopus.online